Schlage Offers Quality & Security

Schlage has been providing security for 85 years. Schlage locks are the number one brand used in American commercial building today. Why not take advantage of their reputation for top quality construction when chosing new hardware for your home or business. Schlage heavy duty deadbolts use real brass, precision cylinders with nickel silver pins for maximum wear resistance. The 6-pin Everest cylinders/ keyways feature two patents on their keys and are available from stock at no extra cost. Schlage will never sell the Everest blanks to the home hardware or big box chain stores. The Everest cylinder uses a finger pin for extra security against picking or bump keying. Beware that the SecureKey cylinders that come with the home hardware store locks are not the same and their price point engineering leaves a durability question. Word is that these are being pulled from the market. Advantage Safe & Lock stocks Schlage hardware in both Everest and classic keyways. We also sell and service Primus XP for maximum security with restricted keys and virtually pick proof cylinders. Visit: SCHLAGE.COM